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Director of Michael Player Psychology, Dr Michael Player is a registered clinical psychologist with experience working with people with common mental health problems, including people living with chronic health conditions (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders).

Boxercox developed corporate identity, branding, website and collateral for MPP.  A clever use of the brain and the Vetruvian man.

This website utilises well organised drop-down menus, sortable services and strong branding. It also features an ecommerce engine where you can purchase Michael’s new book “Stress Less”. There is a strong sense of professionalism in this site which showcases his research papers and presentations, but the site is also informative and welcoming to the general public. |

Jen is a highly talented creative who designed, and delivered for me a beautiful website. She's very approachable and made the whole process easy and accessible. I'm so proud of the results she created, I highly recommend her for websites, and other professional development/marketing tasks.

Michael Player