Matthew Johnstone is an acclaimed author and illustrator who regularly speaks on subjects relating to mental health, mindfullness, resilience and more. boxercox has been working with his online presence since 2011. has been an ongoing project for boxercox for a number for years. From initially being a simple site it now features an ecommerce platform where you can purchase books and book Matthew for speaking engagements. His books are worldwide best sellers in the mental health and wellbeing category. This site is about to get a full refresh for 2020. |

I have been working with Jen Boxer for the last 7 years. She has been integral in building and growing my business website and helping with social media. I am an author and public speaker and Jen has definitely a big impact on getting my brand out there. I couldn’t recommend Jen more highly. She is incredibly knowledgeable, fast and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Please don’t hesitate to call.

Matthew JohnstoneDrawn from experience