The PERFIT ethos is perfectly simple. It’s about “Social Exercise” –  keeping your body and mind inspired, motivated and supported through personalised outdoor training programs. By offering flexibility and variety with a twist of fun, PERFIT draws together a community of people that share the same goals and mindset.

boxercox worked with Caroline to build a website with an ecommerce engine, booking function, members dashboard and a shop full of merchandise |

I was very lucky to be referred to Jennifer to help me design and construct a website for my outdoor Personal Training business. From the start I was inspired by her energy and creativity. Her extensive knowledge of all areas involved was so impressive, as was her ability to problem solve and think laterally on all aspects of the project.
Jennifer's Graphic Design talent was put to use superbly when we were producing products for the shop section of my website. The graphic patterns in particular were an absolute highlight which were used on t-shirts, phone covers, tote bags and the like.
Jennifer's attention to detail and speed of work was outstanding. Emails and texts were always answered extremely promptly and accurately.
All my clients are incredibly impressed by the professionalism of my website, how engaging it is and easy to use. Everything has been thought of!
I would highly recommend Jennifer, she a great person to work with, and will definitely ensure your final product is outstanding!

Caroline GarrettPFPT